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Those are so cute and sexy

fuck off i’m 16

Are you stupid? I said nothing at all about you, and my comment was very clearly specifically about the shorts. And if you made them, you could have simply said “Thank you” for the compliment on the shorts. If you didn’t make them, you should have kept your ignorant mouth shut.

shut the fuck up that is MY body and MY shorts i am a young girl and i will not tolerate inappropriate comments about me and my clothes. you’re a predator so leave me alone and never call me ignorant again or you’ll fucking wish you hadn’t.

And then people wonder why teenagers on the internet have a bad reputation. Specifically, entitled, bratty teenagers who think they’re a victim deserving of the utmost sympathy.
If you don’t want anybody commenting on your ass and/or your shorts, maybe you should…oh, I don’t fucking know, refrain from posting those kind of pictures on a public blogging site? That dude isn’t a predator, he just made a general comment about your shorts. This doesn’t necessarily mean he thinks *you’re* sexy. Why is this so hard to understand? I think lacy lingerie is sexy, but that doesn’t mean I’m attracted to the female models who wear it— the article of clothing itself is what I enjoy looking at.
Even if he was commenting on your body, your argument of “I’m 16 so you’re a predator!” is still very shitty. Your bio consists of “my names chloe” and includes links to your blog, ask box, and submit box. How the hell is anybody supposed to know how old you are until you specify?
Someone made a harmless comment and now some rabid assholes are doxxing him and threatening his children because you threw a fit then branded him a sexual predator. Great job.

shut the fuck up she’s 16 and when a 40+ year old man made a comment calling it sexy and she told him to not call her sexy because she’s underage, rather than withdrawing his comment and apologising he blamed her for him making a sexual comment on a photo showing off a pair of shorts. he got weird and defensive against her being uncomfortable about it when it’s his goddamn fault
why is it ok to you to defend a 40 year old man attacking a 16 year old girl for not accepting his sexual comment because it made her uncomfortable. it’s not ok. Stop.

He has every right to get defensive. By saying “fuck off i’m 16”, she’s heavily implying that he’s a pedophile who was calling an underage girl’s body sexy. She lashed out and insisted she wouldn’t tolerate any inappropriate comments on this picture. Of course he’s going to argue against this since he wasn’t talking about her body in the first place. It’s not a crime to think an article of clothing is sexy. I seriously doubt he’s getting offended at her being uncomfortable, he’s trying to defend the accusations being thrown at him. 
People are defending this man because he made a simple comment about some shorts and as a result, people are leaking his personal information and threatening his children because they think he’s a pedophile for saying shorts are sexy. In the same breath, these people are acting as if this girl is an innocent child who needs to be protected whilst claiming 16 year olds are mature enough to empower themselves by posting pictures of themselves online. Pick one or the other.

Guys, go to this man’s blog. He had to shut it down because his personal info was put out on the web and he received death threats. DEATH THREATS. For calling some short’s on a girl’s butt ‘sexy’.
This is why I really fucking hate tumblr.Fuck you all.

Also, she was apparently 21 but deleted as soon as her lie was found out.


Poor dude got death threats and people sent rape threats towards his children, all over some dumb brat’s lie. If I was this dude, I would have gotten her personal information and I would have sued the shit out of her. Don’t know what for, but I’d have found something. Stay classy, Tumblr.

what a fucking ass crack



Spiritual, Taner Ceylan, 2008.
Oil on canvas, 140 x 200 cm.




Thank you Phil for travelling up from Brighton to get this started today! Cannot wait to colour this in 😊#owltattoo #owl #rosetattoo ❤️